Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies /University of Sarajevo
ERMA - European Regional Master in Human Rights and Democracy in Southeast Europe
Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna, 2002-2007
University of Sarajevo, Institute for the Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law, 2008

M.A.COURSE: "War Crimes, Genocide and Memories /
The Roots of Evil: I Want to Understand"
The course was established in 2002 by Janja Bec-Neumann
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Haris Memija, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Exhibition "Voices of the Missing", Ethnographical Museum Rupe, Dubrovnik; sponsored by the International Commission on Missing Persons

Tarik Samarah, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Exhibition "Srebrenica, July 11th, 1995", IUC and Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik; sponsored by the Heinrch Boell Stiftung, Office Sarajevo


Samir Sinanović, Sanski Most, Bosnia and Hercegovina "Remembering War Crimes in Prijedor 1992, Bosnia and Hercegovina; Exumations, Identifications and Burials", Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik; sponsored by the International Commission on Missing Persons


ARS AEVI & Ideologija, Appeal Posters "Identify" Srebrenica Podrinje Identification Project, Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik; sponsored by the International Commission on Missing Persons


Wade Goddard (New Zealand), Exhibitions' Curator and War Photo Director, Place: War Photo Limited, Dubrovnik

Lana Slezic (Canada)FORSAKEN” Born to Croatian parents in Canada, Lana Slezic graduated from the University of Western Ontario and then turned down acceptance to the Emily Carr School of Art and Design in Vancouver to study photojournalism at Loyalist College in Ontario. She graduated in 2000 and worked for Canada’s largest daily newspapers for the next two years. Unsatisfied with the superficial nature of newspaper work, she decided to freelance and focus on more long term projects. She traveled to Bosnia to cover landmine victims and photographed Mennonites in her native Canada. She lived in Afghanistan for two years documenting the daily struggles of Afghan women which will culminate in her first photography book Forsaken, to be published in the Fall of 2007. Lana is also writing a book that will document the intimate time she spent with Afghan women from 2004-2006. For her work in Afghanistan, Lana has won several awards including the World Press Joop Swart Masterclass in the Netherlands, a International Photography Award in the U.S. and the Luis Valtuena Award for Humanitarian Photography in Spain. She has bee published in magazines all over Europe and North America. For the last six years, Lana has also been photographing the town of Dubrovnik - her mother’s birthplace and the town she spent her childhood summers in.

Yuri Kozyev (Russian Federation), “FACES OF IRAQ” A native of Russia, Yuri Kozyrev graduated from Moscow State University School of Journalism in 1986. As a photojournalist for the past 21 years, he has covered every major conflict in the former Soviet Union, including two Chechen wars. Immediately after September 11, 2001, he was on the scene in Afghanistan, where he documented the fall of the Taliban. Kozyrev has spent much of the past 4 years based in Baghdad, as a contract photographer for TIME Magazine. He has traveled all over Iraq, photographing the different sides of the conflict. "It is in extreme situations that you get to see human nature and genuine human emotions in all their intensity, " says Kozyrev. Despite the immense difficulties and constant danger he faces covering this war, he continues to be inspired by the challenge. Yuri Kozyrev has received numerous honors for his photography, including the World Press Photo Award (four times) for pictures from Chechnya, Iraq and Beslan. He was the recipient of the Overseas Press Club Oliver Rebbot Award in 2004 for his Iraq coverage. In 2006, he was the recipient of the ICP Infinity award for photojournalism.


Wade Goddard, New Zealand, Exhibition’s Curator and War Photo Dubrovnik Director, Place: War Photo Limited, Dubrovnik,

RON HAVIV: BLOOD AND HONEY /Balkan, from the Turkish word Bal= honey Kan=blood “
Amid the numerous photographs of the conflict in Yugoslavia, Newsweek photographer Ron Haviv’s work stands out as a unique record of the conflict, from its beginnings in 1991 to its eventual end with the arrest of Slobodan Milosevic in 2001. From the front-line trenches to the refugees behind them, his images of poignant immediacy capture both the urgency and tragedy of war. The work is powerful testimony to the suffering of the Balkan people. The Hague War Crimes Tribunal, ICTY, has used a number of Haviv’s images to examine the past. Ron Haviv was the first of Western journalists to capture Serbian atrocities on film, photographs taken at the risk of his life and his dedication is considered outstanding for his long months and years spent on the ground to make the photographs in this extraordinary exhibit.” (From the catalogue of Ron Haviv’s Blood and Honey, editor: Wade Goddard, forward text: Alison Morley)





"Pianist" Roman Polanski; "Ararat" Atom Egoyan


(Coordinators: Varja Močnik & Vlado Škafar, Slovenska Kinoteka Ljubljana, Slovenia and Mario Hibert, ERMA Graduate 2004/2005, Bosnia and Hercegovina)

"Europe" Lars von Trier;

"Ivan's Childhood"
Andrej Tarkovski;

"Hotel Rwanda" Terry George


(Coordinator Nataša Govedarica, ERMA Graduate 2004/2005, Bosnia and Hercegovina)

"Taking Sides" Istvan Szabo;

"Sometimes in April"
Raoul Peck;

"Official Story" Luis Puenzo;

"Hiroshima Mon Amour" Alain Resnais


Coordinator Natasa Govedarica, graduated ERMA student 2004/2005, Sarajevo Film Festival, (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Place: Art Radionica Lazareti

"Hidden Sorrows" Michele Kelso

"Taking Sides" Istvan Szabo

"Nowhere in Africa" Caroline Link

"Shoah" Claude Lanzman

"Official Story" Luis Puenzo

"Figli" Marko Bechis


Coordinator Natasa Govedarica, Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia, ERMA graduate
2004/2005, Place: Art Radionica Lazareti
1. ARARAT, 2002, Atom Egoyan
2. NIGHT AND FOG, 1955, Alain Resnais
2. SOMETIMES IN APRIL, 2005, Raoul Peck





"The Boy who Rushed" Biljana Čakić, Croatia;

"The Old Fairground"
Nataša Teofilović, Vojvodina/Serbia and Montenegro


"War for Peace" Koča Pavlović, Montenegro


"Srebrenica: March of Death" Muhamed Mujkić, Bosnia and Hercegovina;

"Serbia and Srebrenica 1995-2005"
including stories of Sabra Kolenović, Zumra Šehomerović, Sabaheta Fejzić of the Movement of the Mothers of the Srebrenica and Žepa Enclaves, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Serbia


Documentary about course 2007 Vittoria Fiumi and Perla Ciommi (Italy), shot in Dubrovnik.

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